A web developer from Sri Lanka

Welcome to my fixed-width world! Every single thing in here is confined to a specific width, ensuring that each element receives an equal amount of space, just like every character. However, borders are not fixed-width. Are we constrained by these borders that do not align with the fixed-width concept of this world? We might require borders to organize the content, or perhaps not. By the way, I am the designer, and I can always do whatever I want with those borders. I design my world! The only question is, do we truly need borders?

Who am I?

Greetings, I am Enindu Alahapperuma, a seasoned software engineer, back-end developer, and website security expert with a flair for system administration and a touch of logo design. With 6+ years of experience in the field, I proudly representing the vibrant tech scene of Sri Lanka. My passion and expertise revolve around back-end development and ensuring robust system architectures.

I am a back-end developer

In the realm of web development, my proficiency extends to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Although I don't delve into front-end development, my focus lies deeply in enhancing user experience (UX), prioritizing performance over mere aesthetics and user interface (UI) design. My primary toolkit includes languages such as PHP, Go, and JavaScript (Node.js). Despite PHP's mixed reputation, I find it to be a stable and reliable choice, particularly for enterprise-level web applications. On the other hand, Go, with its strict typing and functional programming approach, stands out as my preferred language, thanks to its elegant design and impeccable functionality.

I am a system administrator

As mentioned earlier, I wear the hat of a Linux system administrator, particularly adept at handling the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP). My proficiency extends to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud Platform, showcasing my DevOps capabilities.

I am a website security expert

In addition to my proficiency as a website security expert, my daily responsibilities encompass back-end development and system administration. The intricate landscape of cybersecurity within websites is my domain of expertise, and I take pride in leaving no stone unturned to ensure comprehensive protection. To maintain the utmost security for websites, I employ a diverse array of tools from my cybersecurity toolbox, like Metasploit, Nessus, Nmap, and testssl.sh.

I am a logo designer

While not a professional graphic designer, I do dabble in logo design using Inkscape and have some familiarity with GIMP.

I am a freelancer

I am open to freelance opportunities in back-end development, web development, system administration, website security maintenance, and logo design. Collaborating with diverse clients and assisting them in achieving their goals is a passion of mine. On the administrative side, I offer Google and Microsoft web services, including Google Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdSense, reCAPTCHA, Bing Webmaster, and Microsoft Clarity.

I use various technologies

While my expertise primarily lies in back-end development, I also possess a working knowledge of CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Bulma, and Halfmoon (The very framework used to build this website). PHP frameworks like Laravel and Slim are also part of my repertoire, with occasional forays into the Gorilla framework for Go. Interestingly, I often opt for using Go language without any specific framework. In the realm of JavaScript (Node.js), my experience extends to the Express framework.

Version control is second nature to me, and I rely on Git for seamless collaboration. Beyond version control, I am well-versed in tools like OpenSSH, HTTPie, and cURL. Additionally, I've successfully integrated technologies like Saas, Symfony, Socket.io, Electron, MJML, and JSON Web Token (JWT) into my projects.

Delving into programming concepts, I boast excellent knowledge in PSR, regular expressions, REST APIs, model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, object-oriented programming (OOP), and functional programming. Also designing software architectures and solutions is a part of my skill set.

Manipulating databases is a core part of my back-end development role, encompassing both SQL and no-SQL databases. My expertise leans towards SQL databases like MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. I also have hands-on experience with MongoDB in the realm of no-SQL databases.

I use Arch Linux and open source software

In terms of personal preferences, I embrace simplicity and minimalism. Arch Linux serves as my preferred operating system, and I champion the use of open-source software. Visual Studio Code is my go-to intergrated development environment (IDE), supplemented by Vim and nano for specific tasks. Firefox stands as my web browser of choice.

Contribute the source code

The source code for this website is available on GitHub under the MIT license, promoting free distribution and modification. If you spot any typos or grammatical errors, your contributions are welcome to enhance the content's quality. The source code for this website can be accessed at: https://github.com/enindu/enindu-alahapperuma. As Sinhala is my native language, I appreciate your understanding in case any linguistic nuances slipped through the cracks.